Simon Rushby - Songwriter and Composer

Simon Rushby has written and arranged songs which have charted in Europe, Russia and Japan, and he is working hard to build up a burgeoning reputation as a successful songwriter. He has recently written for or with artists including Born Crain, Alexander Shulgin, Daisie Boyes, Eline Chiara, Matthew Brimilcombe and many others, and is also a busy composer of TV production music.

Recent credits: 
Favourite Daydream - Licensed to an LA boyband in development.

This Is Me - charted in Belgium as Born Crain's third single from his album 'Anatomy', which also charted in Japan. 

Full arranging credits on
Triptych - Shulgin's Songbook which was a major success in Russia.

I Won't Be There - released on Born Crain's second album 'The Pleasure of Your Company' in Europe and Japan.


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