• Simon Rushby

New shiny website!

After lots of procrastination I've finally sat down and redesigned the website at www.simonrushby.com. It's all still in its early design stages so any feedback is welcome - just get in touch! You can join this blog by clicking on the 'sign up' button in the top right corner. Please do!

My time is divided between educational work such as teaching, examining and writing resources, and 'practical work' such as playing in bands and ensembles and songwriting or composing. The site reflects this 'dual life', and has two main areas.

The teaching/resources page has information about all the latest books, articles and online resources I've been working on, and also has information about private piano, composition. GCSE or A Level lessons.

The songwriting/composing page has information about all my recent work in this area, such as the latest TF Family release in China and my instrumental music. There's plenty of music to listen to and videos to watch if you've got time to waste...

I'm very lucky that work takes me all over the UK and the world, so I hope to be able to blog regularly with pics and experiences from my travels. Please consider joining and I'll try my best to be interesting!

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