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Barcarolle by Amy Beach

#listeneveryday 24 Feb 2021

Amy Beach was an American composer who lived from 1867 to 1944, and one of the most respected pianists and composers of her era. Like other composers of her gender, her music has only really come to light in recent years after far too long away from the mainstream concert platform. Radio 3 made her 'composer of the week' early this year.

She gave her first public piano recital at the age of 16, and wrote a great many beautiful works for the instrument such as this Barcarolle, played here by pianist Yifan Yin. Self-taught as a composer but admired by many of her contemporaries, including Dvorak, Beach's best-known works are her Gaelic Symphony and her Piano Concerto in C sharp minor, which was premiered in 1900 with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the composer as the soloist.

More to listen to

Amy Beach's Gaelic Symphony, first performed in 1894 and taking influence from the music of Scotland and Ireland.

The Piano Concerto, performed by Joanne Polk and the English Chamber Orchestra

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