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Songwriting and Composing


As a composer, I write music for TV, theatre and concert performances, and songs which have been released by artists in Europe and Asia.


Recent news of my music can be found in the blog, or click on the pictures and links below to hear, see and buy examples of my recent work.

For all enquiries regarding my songs and composition please contact me.

Two albums of instrumental music co-written with Michael Price, Matt Brimilcombe and Nick Hill are available on Spotify. Music from these albums is appearing regularly on TV shows on the BBC, ITV, Sky, BT Sport, ESPN and in France, USA, Germany, Holland and Spain.

Chinese group TF Family released 'Becoming Superman', written by myself and DWB. From the same stable as the Chinese supergroup TF Boys, this was their debut release and the song attracted a lot of attention in late 2017. You can see one of their many TV performances of 'Becoming Superman' here.

My song 'This is Me' was the third single released by Born Crain from his album Anatomy, and it was a top 40 hit in Belgium and also charted in other parts of Europe and in Japan. You can see a video of Born performing 'This is Me' here.

I was one of the key arrangers and played piano on two albums of music by celebrated Russian composer Alexander Shulgin, - 'Triptych' and 'Let's Sing Russian', the latter recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios in London. Produced by DWB Music, both albums were highly successful in Russia.

I have released a solo single, 'Shizzle', which is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and a number of other sites. There's a video of 'Shizzle' here!

You can play more of my tracks, or look at more videos, on the SoundCloud and YouTube players below!

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