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#listeneveryday - launching November 2nd!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Starting in November, I'm posting every weekday with a suggestion for something to listen to. It could be from any style of music, and will take only a few minutes each day to engage with, but I promise to provide a wealth of wonderful musical experiences.

I'll provide some context for each piece, and suggest some activities and further listening for those who want to engage at a deeper level.

#listeneveryday could be part of a morning or evening relaxation, or it could be the start of a discussion point for anyone interested in or studying music. I'll welcome suggestions of pieces for future posts, and discussions in the comments. Simply search #listeneveryday, follow me on Twitter or Facebook or sign up to the blog here (or preferably all three!) and get your listening suggestion every weekday.

You can see a taster post here. We will be launching on Monday November 2nd with a post every weekday at 8.00 am - please sign up and I'll see you then!

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